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Tips for selling your home

Useful Tips When Selling Your Home

When it comes time to sell your home you may have many questions and concerns. How much to sell it for, and the many processes involved. When you hire us we take your questions and give you answers. We have the experience to analyze your home neighborhood, and compare your home to other homes that have actually sold in the surrounding area. (It’s called comparables )We will discuss with you the optimum price we think your home could be put on the real estate market for, yet at the most probable selling price.

When we list you home for sale, we don’t just put your home into Multiple Listing Service and hope that someone else will sell it. We are serious about every home we list and dedicated to succeed in selling your home. We promote your listing on the internet and through local advertisements. We promote your home through open houses and flyers to help to sell your home quickly at the price that you expect.

Important Steps when Selling

The one factor that speaks the loudest to your potential purchasers, is price. The condition and location of your property will also attract buyers but the right pricing will be the most influential factor in determining the length of time it will take to sell your home. If your house is listed and has had a number of showings but no offers, then it may be time to consider a price adjustment.

If you feel your house isn’t selling as fast as it should, it is time to sit down with Your Realtor and re-examine your pricing. Your Realtor can provide you with the selling prices of comparable properties in your area. There is no point in looking at what properties are LISTED at – the market is determined by what homes are actually SELLING for.

We can tell you how long these properties were listed before they actually sold. This information needs to be current, as the present market may be very different from what it was 6 months or a year ago. While you may be able to check listing prices in your area, we have easy access to the actual sales prices through the Multiple Listing Service.

  1. Make the Most of that First Impression

A well-manicured lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and a clutter-free porch welcome prospects. So does a freshly painted – or at least freshly scrubbed – front door. If it is autumn, rake the leaves. The fewer obstacles between prospects and the true appeal of your home, the better it will be for you.

  1. Invest a Few Hours for Future Dividends

Here is your chance to clean up in real estate. Clean up the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen. If your woodwork is scuffed or the paint is fading, consider some minor redecoration. Fresh wallpaper adds charm and value to your property. If you’re worried about time, hire professional cleaners or painters to get your house ready. Remember, prospects would rather see how great your home really looks than hear how great it could look “with a little work.”

  1. Check Faucets and Bulbs

Dripping water rattles the nerves, discolors sinks, and suggests faulty or worn-out plumbing. Burned out light bulbs or even faulty wiring will leave your prospects in the dark. Don’t let little problems detract from what’s right with your home. Find a plumber, electrician or general contractor to help.

  1. Do Not Shut Out a Sale

If cabinets or closet doors stick in your home, you can be sure they will also stick in a prospect’s mind. Do not try to explain away sticky situations when you can easily plane them away. A little effort on your part can smooth the way toward a closing.

  1. Make Room for Space

Remember, potential buyers are looking for more than just comfortable living space. They’re looking for storage space, too. Make sure your attic and basement are clean and free of unnecessary items.

  1. Consider Your Closets

The better organized a closet, the larger it appears. Now is the time to box up those unwanted clothes and donate them to charity.

  1. Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

Bathrooms sell homes, so let them shine. Check and repair damaged or unsightly caulking in the tubs and showers. For added allure, display your best towels, mats, and shower curtains.

  1. Create Dream Bedrooms

Wake up prospects to the cozy comforts of your bedrooms. For a spacious look, get rid of excess furniture. Colorful bedspreads and fresh curtains are a must.

  1. Open up in the Daytime

Let the sun shine in! Pull back your curtains and drapes so prospects can see how bright and cheery your home is.

  1. Lighten up at Night

Turn on the excitement by turning on all your lights – both inside and outside – when showing your home in the evening. Lights add color and warmth, and make prospects feel welcome.

  1. Watch Your Pets

Dogs and cats are great companions, but not when you’re showing your home. Pets have a talent for getting underfoot. So do everybody a favor: Keep Kitty and Spot outside, or at least out of the way.

  1. Make Sure You Disclose Known Defects

If the wood floor in the dining room is rotten in the middle and you plop a rug and the big table over it – and you don’t tell you’re listing Realtor® – the next big table you look over may be in a courtroom!

When Your Realtor asks you for a list of any defects that’s in your house, they are not just using fair business practices; they are also obeying the law. No longer is it “buyer beware” in our country. There are laws in place specifically governing the disclosure of defects by the seller of a home.

Your Realtor will ask you for written and signed disclosure of any defects. Failing to do this, can not only result in the loss of a sale if the buyer discovers the defect before the deal is closed, it can also leave you open to litigation. The buyer may sue you when the defect is discovered and the court will not be sympathetic to you. Claiming ignorance is not likely to be any more effective than telling the Police Officer who is writing you a ticket that you didn’t know what the speed limit was!

Try and Think About Negotiating

We all want the best “bang” for our buck. After all, we’ve worked so hard to get what we have. Sometimes when an offer is made on a home, the seller is offended. Try to remember that this is a business deal and the buyer is just trying to get the best deal he or she can. A good real estate agent is your best candidate for this task. A professional Realtor® is skilled in negotiating offers and counter-offers between buyers and sellers.

They can act as a mediator and advise both parties. Sometimes these negotiations can go on for weeks! If the negotiations are happening, the buyer wants your property. Remember a successful deal is one where everyone comes away happy.

So take heart and rely upon your Realtors advice. If an offer is too low, don’t be discouraged: Make a counter offer! Your Realtor is there to advise you, but the final decision is entirely up to you.

So whether you decide to work with us or not, pick an agent you feel comfortable with and enlist the services of that agent as a buyer’s broker. Then you become a client with all the rights, benefits, and privileges created by this agency relationship, and you’re no longer just a shopper. Did you know that many homes are sold WITHOUT A SIGN ever going up or an AD EVER BEING PUT IN THE PAPER? These “great deals” go to those people who are committed to working with one agent. When an agent hears of a great buy, who do you think he’s going to call? His client, who he has a legal obligation to work hard for you, or someone who just called on the phone and said “keep your eyes open”? So to get the best buy on a property, I always recommend that you hire your own agent and stick with him or her.